The Owners

 The various owners known to this day:

The Pordor Castle successively belonged to:

Lusanger Family 1301 – 1372

Kervavin Family 1372 – 1417

Saint-Gilles Family 1417-1540

Thehillac Family 1540-1614

Lebreton de Villandry Family 1614-1683

Butault de Marzan Family 1683-1737

Durfort de Lorges Family 1737-1773

Mauger Family 1773-1821

( they didn’t leave the catle during the revolution but apparently were not worried).

Salentin Family 1821-1847

( Mr. Salentin was the mayor of Avessac, his daughter was the Count of Goulaine).

de Goulaine Family 1847-1879

Couetoux du Terte Family 1880-1883

Figat et Gicquel Family 1883-1902

Pommier Family 1902-1937

Cochard Family 1937-1995

Trutié de Varreux Family 1995

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